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Cylinder Boring

Single and multi cylinders, standard over sizes and big bores. Ports champhered on two stroke cylinders, perfectly honed on our rottler diamond hone.




Cylinder Resleeving

Cylinders resleeved to standard or for big bores. Two stroke cylinders include port matching. Darton automotive sleeving is our specialty.





Blocks & heads: resurfacing heads and block decks for perfect gasket sealing.




Valve Jobs

Standard three angle valve jobs, or multi angle competition valve jobs on our serdi 3.0 machine.




Valve Guide & Seat Replacement

Cast iron or bronze guide replacement. Stock seat replacement, or oversized for larger valves. Suitable for any fuel.




2 Stroke & 4 Stroke Porting, Engine Building

From minor porting to full out competition. Expert engine building, cam degreeing and all clearances checked and set.




Crankshaft Rebuilding

Two stroke & four stroke, pressed together crankshafts rebuilt and trued, pin welding where required.




Crankshaft & Flywheel Lightening

Crankshaft (single plane) knife edging for reduced weight and decreased windage, flywheel lightening and final balancing.




Engine Balancing (single plane)

Single plane crankshaft balancing, pistons, rods, pulleys, flywheels, and clutches. Snowmobile clutches.




Flywheel & Brake Rotor Grinding

Flywheel and disc brake rotor grinding / resurfacing. Perfect for drilled or slotted rotors.


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